Ongoing Commitment to Best Practice

Anyone can gain accreditations, but we uphold them and stand by them, everyday.

Our accreditations can help to reassure you that you are partnered with a supplier committed to quality, the environment, sustainability and to ensuring the best possible environment for workforces.

Utilise a conscientious supplier, have peace of mind in your procurement. Use Fenns. 


Valuable assurances are embedded in the ISO 9001 quality management certification held by J G Fenn Ltd

Customers can be confident that:

  • we are committed to the standard, developing and documenting our procedures is integral to how we operate
  • products will meet specifications
  • deliveries will be reliable
  • paperwork will be accurate
  • Fenns check its own performance with each customer
  • Fenns take immediate action and permanent corrective action on any quality failure
  • Procedures and process are reviewed after implementation and where possible improved upon to increase efficiency



Commitment to protecting the environment is a core value at Fenns. The ISO14001 accreditation requires adherence to an extensive set of environmental standards and formalises our commitment to protecting the environment.

Fenns stated environmental management standards are continuously monitored and reviewed to include current best practise. Meeting our stated environmental goals are important to Fenns.

Customers can be assured that our commitment to the ISO14001 standard means that we will supply and deliver in the most effective way,  balancing cost and environmental impact.


An international standard for improving working conditions. This is seen as a tool to apply 13 international human rights conventions to practical work-life situations. Specific enough to be used to audit companies, contractors in multiple industries and countries.  SA8000 represents a major breakthrough as an auditable social standard that is truly independent as it is neither a government project nor dominated by any single interest group.

Fenns commitment to achieving the standard with the ongoing audit process, is a public report on Fenns good practice to customers and suppliers on the importance it places on improving working conditions throughout its supply chain and the wider community.

The benefits of continually reviewing and improving the systems in place for the SA8000 standard has included improved staff morale, more reliable business partnerships, enhanced competitiveness, lower staff turnover and better worker manager communication.


Proud to be certified as a WeConnect Company, Connecting Women’s Enterprises with Market Opportunity.




Fenns achieve aspirational CIPS scores

The CIPS Sustainability Index has been designed to assess three pillars of sustainability for suppliers and buyers. It is seen as providing a consistent sustainability measurement to support purchasing and procurement and, in doing so, create significant time and cost efficiency.

Fenns took the decision in 2014 to stand for assessment and our accreditation was accompanied by the comment that we had achieved “aspirational scores”. In our 2 annual assessments we increased our score further by an overall 9%.


Our ongoing commitment means we represent our industry with Forums and Advisory Groups. Our Head of Environment was invited to attend the PEFC forum in Lockerbie to discuss the improvement and promotion of forest sustainability within the Wood, Construction, Paper and Packaging Industries and the Retail Sector.


Choose a supplier that really is committed. Choose a supplier with a proven track record and an aspirational attitude to procurement.

Choose Fenns.