Business Supplies & Services

24,000 products, 15,000 green products
By consolidating all your supply needs with Fenn 1875 we can drive efficiencies, offer an audited robust supply chain whilst providing environmentally sound business supplies solutions to help reduce your carbon footprint. Enquire now

Bespoke orders

Within our extensive product range, we can offer business supplies tailored to your specific business needs to help market your brand and create the right impression with your customers.

Product collections

Fenn 1875 offers a broad range of product lines from ethically sound sources and suppliers, meaning we can provide the best solutions to meet your needs and help you to operate efficiently and responsibly.


Protecting the environment is a core value at Fenn 1875, and as an ISO14001 company we help our customers reduce their environmental impact too. As members of the Carbon Capture Programme your business can ‘capture’ CO2 emissions from your paper purchases and recycle your workwear, packaging, printer cartridges & inkjets.

Workwear Wardrobe System

The Fenn 1875 Wardrobe Management system provides an online bespoke platform to allow multi-site multi users to order your company workwear directly with fast next day delivery.

Warehouse Storage Facilities

Our warehouse can hold bespoke stock for your company with the ability to pick, pack and distribute right down to the individual anywhere across the UK, reducing your environmental impact through our proactive approach to delivery management.

Business Audits & Purchasing Support

Audits create positive change and will increase your bottom line by increasing your operating efficiency. We will take a 360-degree view of your business expenditure, identify and support you to achieve savings in your procurement, while ensuring a transparent and responsible supply chain.

Health & Safety Compliance

Our expert team have the knowledge to support your business in risk assessment and provide guidance on the latest regulations and solutions to mitigate and prevent hazards in your workspace.


"As a world-leading manufacturer we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Our business partnership with Fenns has delivered a sustainable, cost-effective solution ... this was achieved by Fenns ... delivering and implementing a tailored solution quickly and efficiently. Fenns are an integral part of our supply chain."


We can review your purchasing requirements and provide solutions to save your business time and money. Simply call today or fill out our contact form and one of our friendly team of specialists will contact you.