Office Green - The Way Forward

Business services and the environment don’t always go hand in hand.

We help to make being green simpler, we consider our actions for our customers, employees and our environment to ensure we work in the most ethical way possible.

Utilise a supplier who cares about green, help reduce your mark on the environment. Use Fenns. 


Fenns believe that business profitability and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. We strive to achieve this in both principle and practice.

There are 2 basic principles which govern this in our efforts:

Wherever we do business, we will operate with respect and sensitivity to the environment.

We encourage our employees to take individual steps to protect and restore the environment; and empower them to ensure that company activities are consistent with our environmental practices.


The ISO14001 accreditation and CIPS Sustainabilty Index both annually review and audit our Environmental Policies and the results of those policies. We consistently receive reviews commending our ongoing improvement in this area.

Fenns also review the environmental impact of their customer contracts. Offering recommendations of how the contracts could be improved to reduce environmental impact from their experience and in line with new best practice.

Practice, implementing our environmental credentials.

  • 100% recycled packaging for all our consumables
  • Trading policy with sustainable manufacturers
  • Carbon Offset in tree and forest planting scheme
  • Supply and customer carbon tonnage reduction
  • Printer cartridge collection and recycling free service
  • Audits on environmentally friendly products
  • Secure data collection and shredding to ISO BS8470(4)
  • White and electrical goods collection and recycling
  • Carbon footprint delivery and product reports
  • IT hardware collection and secure recycling
  • Ethical supply sourcing
  • Certified waste carriers
  • Environmental Policy Advisors
  • Accreditations ISO14001, ISO9001 and SA8000

Choose a supplier with a low carbon footprint. Choose a supplier that’s ethical.

Choose Fenns.