Extending the Fenn service with technology business solutions

Businesses can no longer afford to sit still when it comes to technology.

We help to deliver the most cutting-edge technology from an extensive portfolio of worldwide manufacturers.

Use the best technology at the best prices. Use Fenns. 




In response to evolving dynamics, Fenns have developed FennTech, a range of interrelated business IT supplies and services with an objective of improving service, worker efficiency and productivity whilst providing substantial cost savings and environmental benefits for our customers.

We are fully committed to delivering the most innovative and cutting-edge products available on the market, providing an extensive range of IT supplies from some of the worlds top manufacturers.

Why not outsource your day to day technology needs?

Many of Fenn’s customers have already identified the need to outsource non-core activities such as IT management and already benefit from:


  • Improved service

  • Improved efficiency

  • Improved productivity

  • Substantial cost savings

Benefit from some of FennTech Managed Services:

FennTech have created a range of managed services to help you achieve even more efficiency:


  • Managed Document Services

  • Fenn Hybrid Mail

  • Managed Print

  • Mobile Phones

  • Mobile Print Bundles

  • Web2Print and Digital Mailroom

Choose an easy way of keeping your business up to speed with the latest technologies. Choose a top class supplier of the worlds top manufacturers.

Choose Fenns.