News The Fenns team have done it again!
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The Fenns team have done it again!


The Fenns team have done it again!

We’ve only gone and done it again! Another year, another assessment and another outstanding rating from The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply. Since 2014 we have worked tirelessly to make sure we maintain our aspirational scores and we smashed it again.

The CIPS Sustainability Index has been designed to assess three pillars of sustainability for suppliers and buyers. It is seen as providing a consistent sustainability measurement to support purchasing and procurement and, in doing so, create significant time and cost efficiencies.

CIPS is crucial to Fenns, it underpins everything we wish to achieve as a business, socially, economically and environmentally. Not only that our commitment to CIPS benchmarks us against our competitors, so that you know by dealing with Fenns you’re dealing with a credible, committed supplier.

Our 2017 scores really do set a benchmark in our industry:

Economic 97%

Environmental 94%

Social 94%

Why not choose a supplier committed to sustainability, and committed to your business? Why not choose Fenns?

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