Fenns, Big Enough to Cope Small Enough to Care

141 years of experience, a formidable and experienced team, with a vision for the future of procurement . That’s the Fenns team.

We might be 141 years old but that doesn’t make us out of touch. In fact it’s that experience that has propelled Fenn to be a leading go-to procurement specialist in the UK.

Constantly looking to the future, Constantly evolving, Constantly the best. Fenns. 

Fenns People

History shows us even the 1st World War couldn’t stop Fenns.

With no surviving heirs due to the war Mr J G Fenn left the business to his Head Printer. He started the dedication and ethics that still exists in our Fenn team today.

Fenns Pride

At Fenns we pride ourselves in providing the right products with the best service in the most environmental and ethical way.

Our team work everyday to achieve this goal, providing outstanding services to customers nationwide.


Fenns Future

As the future of procurement has changed so have we. Fenns has and will continue to evolve to suit the ever changing needs and landscape of our customers.

The introduction of Fenn Omni paves the way for a new way of procurement across each of our six divisions.

Innovative, smart and dedicated, Fenns strength is its people.

Fenns go one step further with our ISO9001, ISO14001, SA9000 & CIPS. 

Fenns will continue to lead the way in multi channel procurement.

It’s simple. Choose Fenns.