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In the recruitment sector, it’s all about speed and agility. So it’s natural that our recruitment customers want a supplier who can not only keep up, but also create efficiencies to speed up their procurement processes. We partner with our recruitment customers to ensure they get the best service, at the best price, at the time they need it. 

Reliably working to strict deadlines and supplying thousands of uniform kits at peak season makes us a partner of choice for our recruitment customers. Here are some of benefits of the services we offer:

ForecastingWe offer forecasting assistance to our recruitment customers to ensure they are in the best position possible to meet the demands of the peak season. Working together to select the correct products, we then work on sourcing the right amount to ensure there is enough for the September rush. For some of our customers we hold stock so that they always have enough of the right supplies throughout the year as well as the peak.

Next day delivery - Next day delivery to a centralised location or to an employee’s home increases efficiency and gets the person into work faster. Simply choose the amount and sizes you need then we will pick and pack the kits to be sent out for the very next day. 

Cost consolidation - When you’re placing bulk orders for workwear supplies, there is usually a large upfront cost. We help to consolidate as much as we can by choosing suppliers that can meet your budget and essential uniform criteria. Cutting out unnecessary deliveries and getting all supplies sent to a centralised location where possible also helps to bring the price down. 

Product selection - Our purchasing team has access to a wide range of suppliers and we will work with you to ensure that you get the best product at the best price. From workwear boots to high visibility clothing, we understand that you’ll have a set budget and we’re happy to negotiate on your behalf for the best prices.