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Please note that all paper orders are non-returnable


Our retail customers partner with us as we offer a range of solutions designed specifically for the sector. Many customers are multi-site, choosing to manage their procurement budgets centrally, while some prefer to give each outlet control of its own budget. We work closely with our customers to ensure that they can manage their procurement practices however they want to as our systems are flexible.

From helping to consolidate costs to offering easy solutions when setting up new stores, we enable our customers to grow and expand with ease. Here are the most popular services we provide to our retail customers:

New store kitsWhen opening a new outlet or store, we can provide a kit so that you have everything you need to get up and running. This could be a janitorial kit with equipment like vacuums and brooms as well as your regular supply of cleaning products. Or a kitchen kit with kettle, toaster and microwave along with your regular supply of tea and coffee. We even offer technology like printers, tills and phones. Basically, whatever you need for the successful opening of a new store, we’ll source it all and consolidate it into one delivery and one invoice. 

Workwear and PPESupplying workwear kits to new starters by ensuring the uniform is on brand and makes your team look professional. In this sector, uniforms need to be durable yet comfortable so we work with a range of suppliers to ensure the best fit. We supply uniforms for a range of roles such as front of house, warehouse and delivery drivers. For some of our larger customers we even hold stock and manage their workwear requirements through our Fenn Wardrobe system. This keeps an audit trail on uniform provided and ensures each employee keeps to their allowance. 

Consolidation audits Working with our customers, we collect information on their current procurement practice. Our account managers then work alongside our purchasing department to see if any products can be switched to provide a more cost effective solution. We then figure out if we can cut back on any unnecessary deliveries by consolidating orders into more regular shipments. We can even help you monitor the supply consumption of each store.