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The team at Fenn 1875 can recycle customers’ workwear - from polo shirts to shorts or even specialist PPE materials. All pieces of uniform have a lifespan so if you’re having a full rebrand, updating your uniform to meet new health and safety or industry requirements or just getting rid of old garments, we can help you dispose of and recycle your pieces in a sustainable way. 

Recycling workwear can be more difficult than originally seems as the materials are not always simple and garments can use more than one core material. This is especially the case with PPE, high visibility garments and footwear. In some instances, branded workwear can also make the recycling process more difficult as it needs to be disposed of in a secure way. Here’s how we can help you:

Branded workwear disposal 

Your branded workwear is a direct reflection of your brand so ensuring it is disposed of correctly is essential. Ensuring brand integrity is a difficult task and the chances of your uniform ending up in landfill could be detrimental to your brand. At Fenn 1875 we will ensure that your uniforms are disposed of in a safe way so that nothing ends up in landfills and can negatively impact your brand reputation. 

Mixed material recycling 

For some uniforms, especially those made with safety in mind, materials used are difficult to recycle. When in the design phase, deconstruction isn’t always considered. Therefore, if lots of different materials were blended together to make the piece, it is difficult to dissemble. Then traditional recycling becomes next to impossible. We work with our supply chain to ensure that any materials are broken down as far as possible so that nothing ends up in landfill that doesn’t need to.

Reduced carbon footprint 

Our partners are chosen carefully to meet our high standards. We want to ensure that we have trails for our clients audits and most importantly everything that is reusable is given another life. Where this is not possible it will be disposed of and deconstructed responsibly. We also offer carbon offsetting initiatives with our customers to ensure that they are able to achieve sustainability goals.