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Electronic Recycling Services

Do you have old technology or electronics lying around and you’re not sure how to dispose of them? The Fenn 1875 can help you recycle your unwanted gadgets in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. We provide reliable services to help companies and organisations securely, ethically and easily recycle their IT and office equipment. Ensuring that your technology is safely recycled, we also ensure that all confidential data is effectively disposed of so you have no concerns around safety. 

Here are the services we offer that can help you:

Multi-site technology recycling services

We’re happy to collect your electronics and technology from multiple site locations and we will do so in the most environmentally friendly way possible, consolidating trips and pick ups where we can. We collect your items and transport them in a safe way to ensure that the electronics are carried appropriately due to the materials they are made of. We partner with reputable and accredited waste disposal units who will then strip your item down to its core component materials: metal, plastic, cable etc… 

Secure data destruction services

While it’s easy to clean data now and wipe your device by restoring it to the factory setting, we understand that on some older models data security may be a cause of concern. To help you comply with GDPR and any industry specific requirements around data management and secure disposal, we supply reliable and trustworthy services to ensure your data can’t be accessed. 

Corporate social responsibility assistance

Where possible we will help you to prolong the lifespan of any technology or electronics by advising that you donate to charity or resell if possible. Some suppliers offer a pre-used trade in option and we’ll gladly advise you where this is applicable. If you go ahead with recycling your electronics and want to purchase new ones, we can advise you of the best products available and any sustainability initiatives. We will also consolidate deliveries and help you to reduce your carbon footprint by inviting you to our carbon capture tree planting events.