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Environmental Recycling Services

We support your environmental commitments by recycling cardboard and plastic waste, printer cartridges, computers, office furniture and a whole host of other items so nothing goes to landfill.


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We can help recycle all our customer workplace workwear from polo shirts to shorts and other uniform items, just ask our expert team.

Furniture & Interiors

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Whether it’s an office chair or a boardroom table, we can help recycle or reuse these items in several ways through the Fenn Foundation and our community projects.


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Source all your office paper needs from Fenn 1875 and we will carbon capture your purchase and offer your business a shredding recycling service as well.


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Let us support your business by handling and recycling your plastic waste, just talk to our team about our packaging options so we can help you to create less waste.


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Do you have old technology or electronics lying around and you’re not sure how to dispose of them? The Fenn 1875 can help you recycle your unwanted gadgets in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


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Give us your cardboard, paper and polythene and let us recycle it for you so your warehouse can work towards producing zero waste.