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Forms Management

Through the Fenn 1875 App you have access to all your ordering information from your mobile device, giving you full visibility of your consumption so you can manage your business needs efficiently. Having everything you need in one visible space makes managing your procurement and print needs simple. Here’s how our streamlined process will benefit you:

Data kept in one place for audit trails

Having full visibility of your ordering information makes life easier as you’ll always have the information you need handy on your device at any time! It’s great for keeping your files together and if you need to send them off for audit then having them all in the same place makes the process much faster. 

Mobile access on our easy to use app

If you’re out on a site visit and want to pull up their latest expenditure reports you can do so easily. It also means that if you need to place an order while you’re not in your usual location, you have all of the information you need to do this on your phone.