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Furniture recycling services

Whether it’s an office chair or a boardroom table, we can help recycle or reuse these items in several ways through the Fenn Foundation and our community projects. We always encourage you to re-use or sell your items where possible. If your business is relocating premises or upgrading furniture and equipment, we will ensure unwanted assets are removed or relocated in the most cost effective manner that will meet all legislative requirements and minimise the environmental impact. Here’s how the team at Fenn 1875 can help you: 

Re-upholstered furniture 

We can help you give your furniture a second leash of life! Using your old furniture, we can give your old look a new lease of life with a re-upholstered look with the relationships we have with our supply network. If you give us your pantone colours we can do a pantone match to ensure brand consistency. Re-upholstering will also ensure that your furniture gets a prolonged life span and it will save you money. 

Donating your office furniture

If you are buying new furniture that will better suit your space or upgrading your old equipment, other organisations will still be able to get life out of your old pieces. Donating to places like schools or public sector organisations that typically go under-funded can give your old equipment a further life and help with your carbon footprint.

Sustainable choices

We will work with you to ensure that your choices are as sustainable as possible. Our purchasing team will be able to assist you in making sure that any new products are sustainable and the best option for our planet as well as your bottom line. We believe in business for good and every purchase you make should be the right decision for your business and the planet.