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One Portal Ordering

One Portal Ordering

Simplifying your procurement process is the best way to get your team on board. We’ve found that having just one portal will make it easier for your team to transition to a new way of purchasing and minimise the amount they need to learn. It also gives your procurement team visibility and control over the way your teams order, so that you’re able to track spending and consumption patterns. Here’s some of the best benefits of our one portal order system:

Tiered access

Not everyone in your team needs access to the same level of information. People in different teams will likely want to order different supplies and you may want approvals to go through your management team. These modifications can be made and different account levels can be switched on so you have more control over your procurement. 

Core list visibility

Having clear visibility over your core supplies list for all of your sites and employees means that everyone is on the same page. You can choose for your team to only have access to your core supplies list. This is a simple way for you to ensure that only products you have selected get purchased by your team. It will also save you money as we are often able to negotiate better deals for regular spend on certain products so this will protect your core contract terms. 

Simple ordering process

Our portal is user friendly and designed to be clear for even the most technology adverse customers! We understand that not all of your employees are used to ordering online so we’ve created handy guides for you to read. Our dedicated customer service team is always on hand to give advice and ensure you’re making the most of the tools to help you order.


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