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Paper Recycling Services

We believe in business for good so if you source all your office paper needs from Fenn 1875, we will carbon capture your purchase and offer your business a shredding recycling service. Offering sustainable and efficient paper recycling on a commercial scale, our team provides a reliable service. 

If you’re looking to minimise the cost to the planet and to your business then recycling your paper and packaging is a great way to start. While many workplaces are now becoming fully digital, some businesses still rely on paper and paper goods for their daily running. You can still do your bit for the planet and get the paper recycled as well as rest assured that any confidential paperwork will be disposed of discreetly. Here are the services Fenns provides:

Streamlined recycling services

If you have regular recycling needs we are happy to arrange collections for you from your locations. Our team is used to working with clients that have multi-site locations and are happy to make collections from multiple places inline with your contract. 

Confidential waste and secure shredding 

Paper waste often contains sensitive and confidential data so disposing of it in a normal way may actually go against guidelines or break rules in your industry. We work extensively with the healthcare sector and disposing of sensitive medical data needs to be done correctly. Any documents containing personal information that can be used to identify an individual (name, address, contact number or financial data) must be shredded in order to protect the data. The shredded paper will then get recycled according to the current UK guidelines. We can provide documentation to prove that we have disposed of your waste appropriately for your audit trails. 

Carbon offsetting initiatives 

Most orgnisations are working towards becoming carbon neutral over the next few years. We work closely with our customers to help them achieve their goals. Our team are experts in helping you to consolidate deliveries and cut back on unnecessary consumption. We also offer a range of recycled and sustainable paper products as well as our tree planting carbon offsetting event.