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Plastic Recycling Services

We can support your business by handling all of your plastic waste. Able to collect excess bulk plastic waste as well as large volume cardboard, paper and baling wire, from commercial premises throughout the UK, our team will help you dispose of your plastic waste responsibly. 

Coupled with a reliable service, we have the knowledge to advise our customers by walking them through the most suitable recycling process for their business. With our central location in Staffordshire, we are able to provide nation-wide coverage and offer multi-site contracts to our customers throughout the UK. Here’s how we can help you with recycling your plastic waste:

Mixed recycling

Plastic waste is removed either in its original form, or after it has been separated out from the other materials. We’re happy to take mixed recycling and dispose of this through our supply network who will then separate out the materials at a later stage, ensuring that everything possible can be recycled in the best way.

Responsible recycling

We will arrange everything from collection to providing you with the paperwork you require to be confident that the waste is disposed of responsibly. If you have confidential waste or specific items that you require to be disposed of then we will ensure that all waste is securely dealt with and provide audit trails for your reassurance. 

Carbon offsetting initiatives 

We’re very mindful of our carbon footprint and therefore recycle our customers’ plastic waste responsibly across all of our sites. A commercial recycler, we are proud of our contribution to the war on plastics and we encourage our customers to recycle all materials wherever possible. To help them further we also run carbon offsetting initiatives such as tree planting events, consolidate orders to combat unnecessary deliveries and work with our purchasing team to help make responsible and sustainable product swaps.