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Specialist Product Range

Fenn 1875 offers one of the largest ranges of workwear garments and PPE products in the industry. We can source specialist products to help you hit your company goals. From green products and sustainable ranges to specialist health and safety ranges. Our expertise even goes as far as to find footwear that can alleviate health problems such as diabetes and joint problems. 

With an extensive range of workwear and PPE suppliers we are able to source solutions to a range of workwear challenges, experienced in different sectors. In many cases we are happy to offer trial periods on most of our products. Here are some of the niche ranges we carry for different sectors:


Durable kits that can withstand oil and dirt. Our expert team is able to advise on the best materials to use for your workwear to ensure it’s easier to keep clean from materials likely to cause stains. Comfort and agility is a priority for most employees as they want the materials to be easy to move around in while completing their tasks. 


From a focus on enhanced comfort to customisable solutions, our healthcare ranges solve many problems for our customers. We understand that different roles have different variations of the uniform to denote their hierarchy within an organisation, yet all uniforms must remain on brand. Furthermore, when employees are on their feet for the majority of their shift, they want comfortable and lightweight shoes that are easy to keep sanitised.


Any industry that has strict health and safety regulations will naturally have less choice than others when it comes to workwear pieces. While style should never come at the cost of safety, people don’t want to compromise on comfort. When comfort is pushed to the side, we’ve found that employees won’t wear the PPE provided or make modifications to the way they wear it. This is where product trials come in, we’re happy to make suggestions and have your team try them on for size!


Often one of the most overlooked aspects of workwear! We partner with a range of suppliers to ensure that we offer everything you and your team will need. Holding stock for our customers also ensures we are able to have the sizes you require, when you need them. We cater to a range of different sectors and job roles as well as to personal health problems.