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Uniform Branding Services

Branded uniform that uses your organisation’s colour palette and showcases its logo is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways of increasing your brand awareness. Our team has expertise in sourcing products and customising them to adhere to your brand’s requirements. 

Before placing orders we will provide visuals and samples so you are able to see how the pieces will look with your branding on and feel the quality of the materials. We have helped our customers by creating new uniform kits or taking over the management of previous wardrobe kits. Here’s some of the solutions we offer:

Brand management - new uniform roll out

Having a new uniform kit to replace a previous one can be a logistical nightmare for brand managers. Ideally you want to roll out the new uniform all at once, to all sites and implement the switch over on the same date. Our account managers are incredibly skilled at helping to manage new uniform roll out projects and will help you every step of the way to ensure it goes to plan. We can even help map out the process for you with gantt charts and timelines. 

Product sourcing to match your brand colours

If you already have specific products in mind or that you already use, we can happily take on existing stock. However if you find yourself concerned because a product you use is being discontinued or you can’t find a match for your brand colours, we can help. Sharing your pantone for your brand equips our team with the information they need to find a product match. We ensure comfort, brand consistency and that the product meets any required health and safety specifications. 

In-house embroidery services 

We offer embroidery and press services in-house to put your logo and any names on your garment. Our team will show you a mock up so that you’re able to choose the size and location of your additions. We will always send samples before you place a big order to ensure you’re happy with the quality.