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Warehouse & Facilities

Fenn 1875 offers a full-service warehouse solution for you. With thousands of products, we can supply everything from ladders and buckets to boxes, storage bins, handy wrap and tape dispensers. We will source everything you need to keep your warehouse running efficiently and always offer quality products at a competitive price.

If you’re looking for help with storage then our warehouse can hold bespoke stock for your company. With the ability to pick, pack and distribute right down to the individual anywhere across the UK. We assist you in reducing your environmental impact through our proactive approach to delivery management.

Warehouse supplies

With having our own warehouses, we know exactly what supplies you need to ensure they stay clean and organised. The amount of stock that comes and goes needs to be stored efficiently and good storage systems and equipment is a must. We can work with our suppliers to ensure that whatever you need to store, we can get you the best equipment for the job.


Packaging and labels can make a large dent in your carbon footprint so choosing suppliers with strong sustainability credentials will enable you to do your bit for the planet. From vegan boxes and recycling your used packaging - we can help you to improve your carbon footprint and make better purchasing decisions. 

Storage facilities 

Looking to store your stock? We help our customers with stocking essential items like workwear and core items on their purchasing list. If you have multiple sites and are looking for a centralised location to store your goods and deliver when needed, our team can help. We also have our workwear wardrobe management facility which enables you to stock your workwear with us and we can get it branded on request to ensure waste stays minimal.

Delivery management 

We aim to consolidate as many deliveries as possible by only making trips when necessary. Our account managers will work with you to ensure that we consolidate your orders to save you money and to help reduce your carbon footprint. We’ll also help you to organise your delivery management too if you keep stock in our warehouse.