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Workwear Wardrobe Management System

When you have multiple sites and a range of different uniform kits to manage in your business, getting the correct workwear out to the right person is more difficult than it seems. As a solution to a lot of our customers problems, we created our industry leading Workwear Wardrobe Management System! 

You can outsource your entire uniform needs to us and we can ensure your team has the correct uniform kit, in the right size, for when they need it. Other than helping you to facilitate your uniform requirements, the wardrobe management system serves a dual purpose: complete visibility of spend and enhanced audit trails. Here are the benefits of using the Fenns wardrobe management system:

Fully outsourced workwear management solution 

Managing your workwear wardrobe on top of all other logistics of running a team can be very data heavy and time consuming. To help our customers, we take the pain out of workwear management. We really can offer the full range of services: 

  • Sourcing products inline with special requirements or health and safety standards
  • In-house branding to personalise your uniform kits
  • Stock holding for your workwear in a range of sizes 
  • People pick and pack process 
  • Next day delivery to your location of choice

Enhanced reporting

You can’t improve what you don’t measure so our reporting suite solves many problems for our customers. The wardrobe management system offers enhanced reporting data, benefitting you in the following ways:

  • Manage consumption better to see where you are overspending and over ordering 
  • Audit trails to prove that you have supplied the correct kit to an employee from a compliance perspective 
  • Sustainability reporting to share your carbon footprint around your workwear process 

Stock holding

For our customers that have multiple sites and don’t have a suitable centralised location to store their uniforms, we are happy to offer stock holding in our secure warehouse. We will then pick and pack your uniform kits as you order them and deliver the next day to your preferred location. This can be to your site or even direct to your employees home.