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Here at Fenn 1875, we've got lots of exciting news and offers to share with you. Here you can keep up to date with all our latest activity from charity events to office storage space solutions.

02/05/2024 | Blog

Celebrating Green Office Month: How We Help You Take Small Steps for a Brighter Future

Celebrating Green Office Month: How We Help You Take Small Steps for a Brighter Future   As we step into this significant period of environmental awareness, it's time for us to reflect on the importance of this annual event. Green Office Month, celebrated throughout May, is more than just a reminder—it's a call to action…
16/04/2024 | Blog

i-Team: Transforming Workplaces in the UK

When it comes to professional cleaning, being efficient isn’t just a goal; it's a necessity. That’s where the i-Team range comes in. If you're seeking high quality, labour saving and sustainable solutions, you’re in the right place. i-Team is a global phenomenon in the cleaning industry, operating in over 70 countries and headquartered in Eindhoven,…
22/06/2023 | Blog

Streamline and Simplify: A Guide to Consolidating Your Orders

As part of our commitment to the Weaver Sustainability Programme - we’re constantly looking at ways in which we can reduce the carbon footprint of our business. Being part of a supply chain has its challenges when it comes to sustainability. However, to reach our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2035, we’re looking at…
20/06/2023 | Blog

Creating an Employee Workwear Allowance

Providing your staff with appropriate workwear is crucial for their safety, comfort, and for brand representation. When it comes to supplying uniforms at work, creating an effective allowance that covers everything an employer requires staff to wear can be difficult.   As a trusted provider of workwear, we understand the challenges faced by procurement and purchasing…
08/06/2023 | Blog

Boost Care Sector Staff Retention with Branded Workwear

Staff turnover rate is a pressing challenge in the care sector and workforce.  Skills for Care released a report sharing how the wider economy is impacting retention rates for healthcare assistants. Especially when looking into the state of the adult social care sector. It found that the average care worker is facing growing pressures. Mainly…
25/04/2023 | Blog

The Importance of Buying Proper PPE and Workwear for Women

As awareness about the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) and workwear for ensuring workplace safety grows, it's crucial to understand that not all PPE and workwear is created equal…  Women, who form a significant portion of the workforce in various industries, have unique needs when it comes to PPE and workwear. It's important to…
04/04/2023 | Blog

How to save money on your janitorial process

Janitorial processes can be inefficient and costly - taking crucial resources away from many businesses. Yet maintaining cleanliness levels is necessary to your organisation’s success. To some extent you will have to invest some resources into a janitorial process to ensure you meet health and safety guidelines. With careful planning you’ll be able to make…
08/03/2023 | Blog

How to buy workwear boots that suit your needs

Having the right shoes is important - especially when you’re working on your feet all day. One quick Google of ‘the best workwear boots’ will bring up a range of options. While wildly popular, it doesn’t mean the boots are right for you and the role you’re in.    If you’re an employer and you’re…
22/02/2023 | Blog

Sustainable Workwear: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Uniform & PPE

You may have seen the rise in eco-friendly garments in our personal lives. Big brands are starting to produce clothes, shoes and accessories made from recycled and innovative materials on a wider level. There’s also a rise in start up challenger brands looking to take on the garment industry and archaic unsustainable practices. As a…
01/02/2023 | Blog

How to create a sustainable workplace

Creating a more sustainable workplace is high on the agenda for many businesses across the UK. With the Government targets to reach carbon net zero by 2050, organisations are encouraged to set strategies to reduce emissions and play their part.  So what’s the business case for caring about the climate?  A more sustainable workplace is…
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