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Here at Fenn 1875, we've got lots of exciting news and offers to share with you. Here you can keep up to date with all our latest activity from charity events to office storage space solutions.

11/08/2022 | Blog

Create an outdoor space at work

With the heatwave in full swing, social media is awash with pictures of people working outside during their work from home days. If you’re based in the office - it’s easy to feel like you’re missing out on the already too brief summer. Some simple switches and creative thinking could transform any available outdoor space…
03/08/2022 | Blog

What PPE do you need if you work in the food industry?

Working in the food industry comes with a wealth of regulation around hygiene and protection. From food manufacturing to preparation - every stage of the journey requires PPE for the safety of your employees and your consumers. However, different parts of the journey call for specific PPE and the range of equipment needed can seem…
20/07/2022 | Blog

The best safety boots for working outside

Working outside isn’t simple from a health and safety perspective. You need to ensure your team has the right workwear and PPE equipment to withstand any risk factors and changes in the weather. This means choosing an adequate uniform for your team that caters to comfort and necessary safety features is subject to change, depending…
06/07/2022 | Blog

The evolution of workwear

Britain’s workwear industry is growing at a steady rate - predicted 4.3% every year until 2027. However, the heritage behind the industry is just as rich, with various iterations all the way back from the middle ages until the present day. As times have changed, new challenges continue to emerge for workwear manufacturers, shaping the…
23/06/2022 | News

Celebrating Business Growth

In the fast moving world of Fenns, we’ve had a strong start to the year and we’re making great progress towards our growth and sustainability goals. From team growth to service expansions, it’s all happening! With lots of exciting projects going on in the business, we’d like to share some of the most recent updates. …
01/06/2022 | Blog

The three principles of ergonomics

Ergonomics is a scientific field, informing both design and health & safety considerations in the workplace. With it being a specialised subject and academic in some areas, it’s easy to feel confused when buying a simple desk chair. Furthermore, ergonomics is not something we think of on a daily basis. But, after prolonged periods of…
18/05/2022 | Blog

The best PPE for when you work in the elements

When you work outside, it can be hard to choose the best workwear to keep you both safe and comfortable in any weather condition. While you can have winter and summer wardrobes, the British weather isn’t that predictable. Knowing what uniforms to provide can be difficult because too many items isn’t cost effective and can…
11/05/2022 | Blog

How to create a collaborative space

Since the pandemic, one of the biggest shifts in our attitude is the purpose of the office. We all quickly jumped into creating a ‘community hub’ style of office to tempt people back to face to face working. However, the latest trends show that the best offices are well designed to facilitate different styles of…
04/05/2022 | Blog & News

What is ergonomics and why is it important?

Ergonomics is the application of psychological and physiological principles to the engineering and design of products, processes, and systems. Simply put, when items like desks and chairs are designed for the workplace - they are done so with the user's best interests in mind.  People weren’t made to sit around all day - but with…
27/04/2022 | Blog

Working outside? Best workwear solutions for summer

We’ve already had a spot of good weather this year and it’s fast approaching summer. While the sun can brighten up our moods, the heat is often unbearable - hindering productivity and causing discomfort while we’re trying to work. We’re not all lucky enough to work in a place that has air conditioning or have…
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