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17/01/2022 | Blog & News

Reasons to use your capital expenditure on a new office fit out

It’s the start of 2022, which means we have a few months left before the end of the financial year in April. Coupled with a healthy dose of optimism that we’re coming out of the pandemic, many businesses are looking to make investments that will benefit them for the future.  With the changing parameters of…
12/01/2022 | Blog

How to choose a chair for your workspace

You might think that choosing a chair is a simple task. But when it comes down to it, there’s many things to consider aside from space, budget and branding.  If you’re looking to buy chairs for your place of work or even for your remote team, we’re here to help you make the right decision…
10/01/2022 | Blog & News

Introducing our office furniture services

Want to revamp your office? We’ve revamped our furniture offering and created a fully flexible solution for our customers' diverse needs!  Workplaces are going through a huge transformation due to a variety of external factors. It’s natural that the physical spaces have evolved and the needs of our customers have changed drastically too. Therefore, we’ve…
15/12/2021 | Blog & News

Tax relief on Office Furniture

2021 has been a year of ever-changing pandemic restrictions and an ongoing debate between businesses and employees about working from home. Now the Government has laid out plans to encourage businesses to invest in new equipment. Part of this is a new Super-deduction tax which enables companies to make enhanced tax claims from April 2021…
08/12/2021 | Blog

Planning your way around the PPE shortage

With uncertain COVID measures and more stringent restrictions set to come in, PPE is about to be back in high demand. However, the increase in demand is coming at a tough time for the industry.  With supply chain issues and a shortage of PPE in general, getting a hold of pieces for when you need…
01/12/2021 | Blog

Make your company climate neutral in three simple steps

With many countries wanting to become climate neutral (or carbon neutral) by 2050, the UN is calling it “the world’s most urgent mission.” Therefore sustainability is on the agenda for lots of companies in 2022. But most don’t know where to start with such a complicated process. Fenns has been championing sustainability initiatives for a…
24/11/2021 | Blog & News

Why Is PPE important?

When it comes to a workplace uniform, you might think it’s there for people to easily recognize your brand or to create a sense of unity amongst your workforce. However, in many industries, uniforms are actually there to protect the workers who are doing a hazardous or strenuous job.  Personal protective equipment, PPE, is important…
17/11/2021 | Blog

Office design trends for 2022

There’s so much debate around the office and its place in our working lives at the moment. With some people not wanting to commit to going back 5 days a week, others who want to steer clear altogether and then the camp who are firmly pro-office - it’s all up in the air.    One…
10/11/2021 | News

Celebrating Fenns Growth

We’re delighted to share news of our growth and success over the 2021 period. Coming out of the pandemic in a really strong position, we’re pleased to be celebrating financial success, team growth and further investment into business expansion.   With a wide services mix and a focus on workwear over the past few years,…
03/11/2021 | Blog

Top tips for keeping healthy in a desk job

It’s not easy to stay fit and healthy when you’re sitting at a desk all day. Especially if you’ve got a lengthy commute where you spend the majority of your time sitting down too. However planning your space and adapting your work environment slightly could help you to see an uplift in energy and general…
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