Cleaning and maintaining any space requires using the proper cleaning solutions and chemicals. While specific surfaces and areas require different products, it's important not to overuse chemicals or mix incompatible solutions. Doubling up or overusing chemicals can lead to toxic fumes, allergic reactions, damage to surfaces and waste.

You can also limit cost and delivieries if you choose janitorial products that have multiple uses! Follow these tips to keep your cleaning safe and effective.

Know Your Chemicals

Read all labels thoroughly so you understand what each product is for. Be familiar with which chemicals can be combined and which cannot. Look for warnings about using too much product or mixing certain solutions.

Create a Master List

Make a master list of all the chemicals and cleaners used for cleaning. Note which products are for glass, bathroom surfaces, floors, etc. List any that cannot be combined or overused. Keep this list handy when cleaning so you know what you already have available.

Use Dilution Ratios

Follow the proper dilution ratios listed on labels so you don't use too concentrated of a solution. Using too much chemical can often lead to streaking or damage. Pre-mix solutions in labelled spray bottles for convenience.

Limit Access

Only allow properly trained staff to access cleaning chemicals and encourage them to use the pre-mixed solutions. Lock away concentrated chemicals that could be toxic if ingested or combined.

Dispose of Unneeded Products

If you have old or unnecessary chemical products, dispose of them properly. Don't keep products you no longer need or those that are expired. This avoids the temptation to use too many chemicals.

By understanding your inventory, following usage directions and limiting access, you can avoid issues caused by overusing or mixing cleaning chemicals. With some basic prep and vigilance, your cleaning routine can be safe and effective.

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