Welcoming visitors to your office or venue requires thorough organisation and careful planning in order to ensure a professional and seamless experience for guests. Implementing a comprehensive visitor management system is key to coordinating everything required to provide for visitors' needs and look after them properly from the moment they arrive to the moment they depart.

A streamlined system allows staff to register guests ahead of time, prepare customised badges, assign temporary access permissions, and alert the appropriate personnel of the visitor's arrival and location. With the logistics and preparation handled ahead of the visit, staff can focus on delivering a positive, hassle-free experience for visitors during their time on site.

A visitor management system is an essential tool for overseeing the entire guest process from efficient self check-in to automated expiry of credentials at check-out.

Follow these tips to create a hassle-free visit.

Pre-Register Visitors

Have guests register online prior to arriving. This allows you to collect any required information upfront and add them to your visitor management system. You can prepare badges, access permissions and parking ahead of time.

Use Self Check-In Technology

Allow visitors to check-in themselves when they arrive using a kiosk or tablet system. This avoids queues and gives visitors an efficient welcome. The system can take a photo, print a badge, and alert staff of the visitor's arrival.

Inform Reception Staff

Ensure reception is informed when visitors check-in and out. They can greet guests appropriately, answer questions and direct them to the right person or area. Proper coordination avoids confusion.

Provide Clear Badges

Require visitors to wear visible badge IDs that clearly identify them as guests. Badges should have the visitor's photo, name, purpose of visit and temporary access permissions.

Automate Expiration

Badges and visitor access credentials should expire automatically when the visit is over. This prevents guests from overstaying their welcome and enhances security.

Streamline Departures

When a visit is complete, guests can check-out at a kiosk station. The system can print a receipt, collect badges, and alert security that access permissions have ended. This speeds up the departure process.

With an automated visitor management system, guest arrivals and departures can be smooth and efficient. Visitors feel welcomed while staff are informed and prepared for their needs. Seamless coordination results in an overall professional experience.