As we’ve been around since 1875, Fenn’s has seen a lot of change! We’ve seen the transition from horse drawn carts to our motor powered vans of today and the supply chain disruptions caused by two world wars. However, nothing has revolutionised the industry quite so much as technology advancements and the rise of digitalisation. 

From consumer trends to back office systems, everything we do has been affected by the increasing use of technology. So we thought we’d round up some of the best improvements technology has brought to our industry and how we’re better able to serve our clients. 


Improved reporting and stock management

Pretty much every business has an online presence now and uses technology to make their admin easier. It makes communication and visibility much faster, so stock management and reports are an area that’s been greatly improved. 

Seeing as every order has a digital trail with product and price information attached, businesses are now better able to understand their purchasing patterns. Knowing when stock is running low or if you’ve completely run out of something important provides great visibility across multiple sites. As well as knowing exactly how the finances are looking for each location too.


Importance of human element

Computers are great, but they’re not able to think creatively or as resourcefully as humans yet… So we have a huge appreciation for our account managers who are able to deliver a great service to our clients. They have access to all of the data from past orders and can make suggestions on anything that will improve your account! 

Over the past 18 months, having a human led account management approach has ensured our clients have been able to get the supplies they need, when they need them. Sometimes you just can’t beat old fashioned human relationships.


Reduction of consumption and cost 

A way in which our account managers actively work with the technology is to analyse patterns and see how we can improve our client’s consumption of supplies. If we think there’s a way to make your deliveries more efficient and streamlined then we’ll work with you to do so. 

With a large multi-site client base, we’re used to consolidating supplies and ensuring they go to the right place at the right time. Working with our clients to manage the finances in a flexible and accurate way is important too. With enhanced reporting and a dedicated account manager who knows your business, we can make those proactive suggestions to help cut consumption and therefore cost! 


Client account features

Having the ability to manage your account in the way you want is important to our clients. Across larger companies, having different authorising levels and information available to the right people is key to keeping communication open. 

What’s more, being able to save favourites speeds up future orders and enables you to easily see what you have purchased in the past. The reporting software allows visibility and you’re able to set up frequent reports that drop into the right inboxes as often as you like them. 


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