New starter packs or onboarding boxes are all the rage right now! Filled with company literature, equipment, stationery and branded gifts - many organisations are creating them to welcome new employees to the team. 

Whether you’re welcoming them to their new office work station or shipping the box directly to their home for a remote onboarding, it’s an important touchpoint you shouldn’t overlook. 


Why create a new starter pack

Giving a new employee a goodie bag of branded merch on their first day makes them feel welcome and appreciated. It also adds to the excitement of starting a new role and shows that the company cares enough to ensure they have a smooth start to their career. It ideally goes alongside the company literature and onboarding information. 

Helping people to settle in, it makes them feel a part of something bigger and can embed them into your brand mission. It shows that you value and respect them as one of the team already and can encourage them to behave in a way that reflects your company culture. 


What goes in an onboarding box

An onboarding box should include information on your company culture, the type of equipment needed for the job role and set your new starter up for success! 

If your new employee requires a uniform, we’d recommend using our workwear people packing service alongside the new starter kit to ensure the bundle arrives on the same day for maximum impact. Having a personalised note welcoming them to the team alongside their new uniform and onboarding box means they’re all set up and can shake the first day nerves. 

However for an office based employee, having branded stationery, a water bottle, mug and a few small gifts as a welcome will make them feel at home. It also helps to organise everyone’s desks as they’ll all have the same branded equipment. 

For the remote office worker, having all of their tech and branded company merch will make them feel welcomed and a part of the team. It’s especially important to make an effort with remote members to make up for the lack of physical contact they will have with your company and brand. 


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