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23/03/2022 | Blog & News

PPE isn’t just for COVID

Personal Protective Equipment came into the limelight during the pandemic, when it happened to be in short supply! The heavy demand came from the general public’s uptake in face masks, an increased use of gloves, facial visors, screens and overalls. However, for many industries, these supplies were necessary long before COVID existed.  At the height…
18/03/2022 | Blog

Recycling your branded workwear? Here’s how to do it correctly

Issuing your employees with workwear is a great opportunity to generate brand awareness. Putting your logo on the different items of clothing makes your workforce instantly stand out and can instill a sense of belonging and pride. It’s an investment worth making for businesses in many different industries and good quality clothing can last a…
09/03/2022 | News

The global supply chain crisis: impact on the paper market

Paper prices have increased massively in 2022 alone and there’s no sign of them coming down anytime soon. Due to the turmoil in the world and the impact it has had on the global supply chain, it comes with a range of increases hitting all at once. We’re being hit in both our professional and…
11/02/2022 | Blog & News

What’s the difference between business smart and business casual?

You might think that with the rise of work from home and hybrid, business dress codes have fully relaxed. However in many offices and customer / client facing roles - the rules have not changed. Whether you’re looking for your own wardrobe needs or choosing a smart and functional uniform for your team - we’re…
04/02/2022 | Blog & News

Is your office health and safety compliant?

When you hear workplace health and safety, we don’t automatically think about the office. With the comfort of a desk and chair not being seen as dangerous as working on a construction site, it’s easy to overlook the importance of safety in the office. However there are regulations and processes that need to be followed…
24/01/2022 | Blog

Create an office for the future

With all the opposing conversations around the place of an office in our lives, one thing is for certain: the way we use the space needs to adapt for the future.  Since the pandemic forced everyone to work from home, society’s break from the office caused us to collectively question the purpose of the space.…
17/01/2022 | Blog & News

Reasons to use your capital expenditure on a new office fit out

It’s the start of 2022, which means we have a few months left before the end of the financial year in April. Coupled with a healthy dose of optimism that we’re coming out of the pandemic, many businesses are looking to make investments that will benefit them for the future.  With the changing parameters of…
12/01/2022 | Blog

How to choose a chair for your workspace

You might think that choosing a chair is a simple task. But when it comes down to it, there’s many things to consider aside from space, budget and branding.  If you’re looking to buy chairs for your place of work or even for your remote team, we’re here to help you make the right decision…
10/01/2022 | Blog & News

Introducing our office furniture services

Want to revamp your office? We’ve revamped our furniture offering and created a fully flexible solution for our customers' diverse needs!  Workplaces are going through a huge transformation due to a variety of external factors. It’s natural that the physical spaces have evolved and the needs of our customers have changed drastically too. Therefore, we’ve…
15/12/2021 | Blog & News

Tax relief on Office Furniture

2021 has been a year of ever-changing pandemic restrictions and an ongoing debate between businesses and employees about working from home. Now the Government has laid out plans to encourage businesses to invest in new equipment. Part of this is a new Super-deduction tax which enables companies to make enhanced tax claims from April 2021…
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