Personal Protective Equipment came into the limelight during the pandemic, when it happened to be in short supply! The heavy demand came from the general public’s uptake in face masks, an increased use of gloves, facial visors, screens and overalls. However, for many industries, these supplies were necessary long before COVID existed. 

At the height of the pandemic, when PPE supplies were low, we were able to keep essential supplies for our customers in stock. Since then we’re often asked what other PPE we’re able to supply for our customers. The answer is endless due to our vast supply network… But, here are some of our most prolific products to help you get an idea of how we can help you. 


Safety Boots and Footwear

The range we have in safety boots is huge. Different roles have various safety requirements in order for people to complete their tasks while being compliant with health and safety measures. From working outside and needing special grips for slippery surfaces to working with heavy goods and needing protection built in - the choice is endless. 

However with footwear, comfort is also top of mind. In hazardous environments, you’re wearing your shoes for the entire shift - which in some industries can mean very long hours on your feet. We offer innovative ranges from one of our suppliers, U Power, that were specifically designed with comfort, safety and style in mind!


High Visibility Garments

One of the most prevalent pieces of PPE, the high vis garment. We’re used to seeing road workers out in force in their jackets and trousers. But did you know that high vis material doesn’t stop there - you can get t-shirts, gloves and hats! 

With a range of garments and accessories for different roles - they all need to meet minimum reflective standards and also safety requirements that vary on the role requirements. In most industries that require high-vis it is for legal purposes and is governed by the British Standard: BS EN 471. 

For sites with a collection of contractors working together, like in construction, it makes sense to have branded uniforms to ensure there is no mix up on equipment. 


Accessories and Equipment

Screens to help protect workers from COVID were cropping up across offices and shops across the nation. While orders skyrocketed, we were used to seeing orders for safety visors - previously widely used to protect the face from flying debris or splashback from chemicals. Glasses are common to protect the eyes and ear protectors of different strengths are used to ensure decibel protection for loud environments. 

When using tools and machinery, gloves are commonly used to protect the hands. Not only from cuts and grazes but also from the reverberations caused by vibrating power tools. It’s also necessary to wear gloves when handling chemicals or toxic items to reduce exposure to skin. 


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