With many businesses now adopting the hybrid approach to work, training a workforce that is used to the 9-5 office stint can be daunting. While the nation got plunged into remote working and everyone had to adapt pretty quickly, coming out of the pandemic isn’t as clear cut. 

With arguments on what approach is best, fully WFH or back to the office, everyone seems to be forgetting about the flexibility that hybrid working can bring. That said, how do you manage your procurement processes when you have a flexible workforce to ensure optimal productivity.


Buy supplies and equipment with flexibility in mind

Having a team that is flitting between office and home requires equipment that is portable and agile enough to cope with being on the move. Investing in portable tech such as laptops and tablets instead of desk tops is the first consideration to empowering your team to work remotely. 

Wireless accessories like mice, keywords and earphones are great too as you can put them all in your laptop bag. Encourage your team to travel light and make use of digital tools to help with productivity. While we all love a paper planner and notebooks, tech can act as a substitute while you’re on the move or keep your diary’s to pocket size. 


Allow supplies to be delivered to home addresses

We’ve added an option for deliveries to be made to residential properties on our ordering portal to help employees get the equipment that they need, where they need to use it. Encourage your team to create a designated work space at home where possible so they don’t associate relaxation spaces with working. 

Replicating your office environment at home is a great way to get into work mode. Have your desk set up in the same way, use the same brands of equipment, and play the same radio station. We also recommend dressing for work too!


Create an office space that people want to use

Having an office space that people actually want to use is a big draw of coming back to work. Agile environments with beautifully designed spaces are great for a flexible workforce as team units aren’t as important now. 

Use the space to show off your company branding and create a culture that drives people to come back to the office. People have missed face to face collaboration and the creativity it can bring to the workplace. It’s an important factor of building a company culture where the team looks out for each other. 


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