The way we do business has evolved over the years, and it seems like the concept of getting everything you need for a workplace from one supplier is in question. This is especially the case for companies with diverse operations and multiple sites or a business that needs specialist products. 

While there is no right or wrong answer, naturally we want to share the benefits and successes you can expect when working with a single source supplier. With supply chain issues and shortages during the pandemic and businesses going through their own cost of living crisis, managing a supply chain has been incredibly tough these past few years. However after reading these benefits, you’ll see that it might be time to rethink your relationship with your supply chain.


Cost savings 

At Fenns, we have a range of strategies to help you when it comes to keeping costs down… 

  • Having a core range of products allocated to your accounts will enable us to negotiate a lower price on your behalf due to the volume of supplies ordered by a business 
  • Professional heads of service areas such as janitorial and furniture will be able to advise on the best products you need from both a quality and price perspective 
  • Your dedicated account manager will run reports and monitor consumption to ensure you’re not over ordering 
  • We can consolidate deliveries to save you on carriage charges and place a minimum order quantity to save on unnecessary trips
  • Saved cost on admin and back office support as less time is needed to process invoices, liaise with suppliers and input orders


Improved communication

You will have a dedicated account manager and access to your own customer service representative. Part of our ethos at Fenns is the latest technology married with traditional customer service. So if you prefer to order online through our app or the portal instead of ringing or emailing into our team - every option is provided. 

By having flexible communication options that all integrate into your account - you still get the visibility you need to make use of a more efficient and effective supply chain. 


Reduced risk 

By partnering with a single source supplier you reduce the risk of failure and delays. We have an incredibly robust supply chain at Fenns, with relationships we have built up over our 148 years in business. During the pandemic when essential PPE was in short supply, we were able to come through for our customers when they needed it the most. By managing stock so that no one over ordered, there was enough to go around. 

Other risks we help to eradicate are a lack of disruption to regular supplies, less delays and good communication around stock levels and expected deliveries. Recently our multiple courier network saved the day on many occasions during all of the delivery strikes. This means your supplies can be reliable and won’t cause a disruption to your business that results in a loss of revenue. 


Increased efficiency

The technology stack and options we have on offer to our customers are all designed to increase efficiency. We help to reduce the administrative burden of managing multiple suppliers and streamline communication. Besides, with an in depth knowledge into your business, your account manager will be able to add value and come up with proactive solutions to help you reach your goals. 


Greater control over quality

Being ISO accredited means that we and our supply chain are held to a very high standard, ensuring quality matches the spec you require. Our knowledgeable head of service areas and purchasing departments will be able to advise on solutions and products for all of your needs. For specialist products that are required to meet certain expectations or standards, we can advise your teams on this so that you are always compliant. 


Increased visibility and audit trails

Our systems will be able to monitor orders and give you visibility on spend, consumption and order quantity. Where this best comes into play is our workwear solution. You will be able to create an audit trail for people having the correct uniform. This means that if an accident were to occur and someone wasn’t wearing the right gear, you could prove that they were issued with the uniform. 


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