You might think that with the rise of work from home and hybrid, business dress codes have fully relaxed. However in many offices and customer / client facing roles - the rules have not changed. Whether you’re looking for your own wardrobe needs or choosing a smart and functional uniform for your team - we’re here to help demystify the dress code terms and set you up for success! 


The benefits of a dress code

With a dress code you can be as specific as you like. Some companies prefer to supply a uniform. Others create a wardrobe system with a preferred supplier where employees can choose which pieces to wear based on what they feel comfortable in. However most companies prefer to leave employees to purchase their own workwear. 

Aside from the clarity around how you expect employees to dress, there are many benefits to having a dress code. From time efficiency in the morning to having control over how your workforce is perceived as an extension of your brand. That said, choosing the right attire for your company dress code isn’t as simple when you take into consideration different teams and role requirements. 


Business smart

The more formal your environment, the smarter you will want your team to look. Business smart suits the following environments really well:

  • Management
  • Financial and Banking
  • Retail
  • Facilities Management
  • Front of house and Reception
  • Client and Customer facing


The key components of business smart are dark and neutral colours with well made and tailored pieces. Suits, Blazers, Trousers and Dresses can be worn in a variety of cuts however all need to be conservative in style and worn with appropriate footwear and accessories. 

We have relationships with suppliers who offer a range of styles for business smart and can be branded with your company logo and colours. 


Business casual

With business casual we can be bolder and more playful with accessories and jewellery. Ties do not need to be worn and clothes can be more colourful. Rules around shoes are not as strict with men being able to wear loafers and sometimes tasteful trainers and women being able to wear open toe heels or sandals. 

Business casual suits professionals who work in an office setting or occasionally have to see clients. Other professions include teaching and NHS and other public sector roles where smart attire is required. 


How Fenns can help

We have relationships with a range of suppliers to help meet your business uniform needs. With our wardrobe management system, we’re able to pick and pack uniforms at the right size to deliver the next day. We’re also able to brand them with your company logo and designs. 

If you’d like more information on our business workwear ranges, please get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.