The correct workwear is essential to getting the job done. However getting workwear to the right people in an efficient way was always a challenge… Until we created our workwear people packing process! 

The business supplies industry has always been fast moving, with people expecting orders delivered to the right site by the next working day. Workwear never had this level of expectation around service delivery! Taking what we know from business supplies, we thought we’d reinvent the service to ensure it is as efficient as possible. 

Here’s an introduction to the workwear people packing process...

Importance of intelligent systems

The strength of our process comes down to how intelligent our system is. Clients are able to log into the portal, put their details in and pick their order from the allocated workwear allowance attached to their details. 

Our system is truly personalised, knowing how much uniform allowance each member of your team has, what items they require and what sizes they are in each item. We can cap it so people are only able to choose what uniform is on offer to their role requirements. Alternatively employees can choose to have a different brand and pay the difference if their allocated budget doesn’t cover the cost. 


People packing

Once we receive the order, our packing team in the warehouse will select the pieces and place them into the package. For new starters, it’s always a nice idea to include a personalised welcome note to create good brand sentiment. Especially now onboarding employees is often done remotely with all equipment being sent to their homes! Company branding on uniforms is also done in the people packing stage to enable us to personalise the workwear to your brand. 

After we’ve packaged the workwear up, we can deliver it to wherever you choose: office or direct to your employees home. Using our distribution system we’re able to deliver the next day! 


Reporting portal

The system also works for our clients controlling the spend too. With clear visibility you’re able to see the attribution rate of people in your company and we can work with you to come up with ways to reduce consumption. 

Knowing all workwear is approved and compliant to the standards set by your industry is also imperative. The system enables you to have an audit trail for each member of your team to prove that they have been compliantly clothed for their job role. 

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