When it comes to a workplace uniform, you might think it’s there for people to easily recognize your brand or to create a sense of unity amongst your workforce. However, in many industries, uniforms are actually there to protect the workers who are doing a hazardous or strenuous job. 

Personal protective equipment, PPE, is important because it protects you against any known health and safety risks for the job you’re doing. Some pieces of equipment also provide protection against the weather and other potentially hazardous conditions.


Adhering to industry regulations 


We make it our business to know what the regulations are in the industries we supply PPE to and our account managers are happy to advise. With ever changing benchmarks and new regulations being released, we only work with suppliers that stay ahead of the curve.  

As a single source provider, we supply everything from headgear, safety boots to general consumable PPE. 


Ensure your team feels safe


Providing the right equipment to your team is important to help them feel fit and ready for the job. High visibility clothing and safety footwear enable your team to stay safe while out on site. We look to the future implications so respiratory protection will enable them to stay safe in the long run. 

Our fast turnaround in orders means that new employees and replacement orders get to your team as quickly as possible. Minimising downtime on the job ensures you remain profitable and your projects stay on track too. 


Fenn’s Wardrobe Management System 


Our market leading Wardrobe Management System ensures you have complete visibility of your workwear consumption. You’re able to see what employees have which equipment, set them up with user accounts, budgets and the correct specifications of PPE for them to order in their size. 

Importantly, the system enables you to have full reporting facilities for an audit compliance trail. You’ll be able to prove that employees have been given access to PPE in the event that they ever choose not to wear them and end up injured while on a job. 


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