You might have read our blog about why Amazon isn’t the best place to buy your business supplies - if not, it’s a great place to start! However our focus this time is on Janitorial supplies and why Amazon’s offering isn’t as good as it seems… 


Buying janitorial and sanitation products for your business from Amazon may seem like an easier way to get your supplies. From an ordering perspective, it can be pretty simple as we’re used to buying on Amazon in our day to day lives. Often we know the brands we want to use too so a simple search and click gets the job done quickly. However, here are the reasons why buying janitorial supplies from Fenns will suit you better.


Expert advice and support


Our head of janitorial has over 15 years experience working alongside customers with very stringent industry specific needs. From knowledge of the latest solutions and innovations in the janitorial space to advice and guidance on how to save money on your current supplies. Alongside this, if you decide to try any of the new services or we really shake up your janitorial supplies - we offer in-depth training for your team.


Consolidate your supply chain with single source solutions


As Fenns is a single source supplier, we can supply janitorial along with our other services. With this comes time and cost savings as well as delivery consolidation to help reduce your carbon footprint. Unlike buying from Amazon, you’ll only receive one invoice too which will save on administration time for your finance team. We can also schedule deliveries and repeat orders so you’ll never run out of essentials. 


Clear visibility on spend and consumption


Our account managers can run reports to showcase your spending patterns and we’ll work with you to hit any goals around cost reduction or sustainability criteria. We’re happy to conduct a review of your current procurement practices and see where we can help you. We can also set you up on a core list of products with different authorisation levels so your team can only buy certain products and spend so much in a time frame. 


For help with your janitorial supplies, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.