Drawing the line between respecting someone’s space and excessive clutter is tricky. With today’s office design driving towards open multi-functional spaces, it’s almost impossible to hide any eyesores from visiting clients.

Less clutter not only means less wasted time hunting for what you want, it can help hide essential cabling and even generate a sense of greater well-being because personal storage space makes people feel more ‘permanent’ – instead of homeless in the vast open space of a modern working office.

Here’s where a little bit of clever storage can go a long way, helping you to manage your paper mountain and even inject some personality into your workspace…


Often overlooked, but it’s important to consider your office demographics before taking the plunge into a complete office refurbishment. Recognise how individuals work best – not just the younger generations – and tailor the environment to support that.

Often an array of work spaces work best, where staff can choose to chat and brainstorm new ideas coupled with quiet spaces where individuals can concentrate without distraction.

Shelving units can help divide working spaces, while providing storage space for different departments which is easily accessible. These can also provide acoustic benefits for those trying to focus on a particular task.


Utilising colour to reflect the personality of a brand can really bring character and life to a workspace. Current trends include using bright ‘pops’ of colour to office space, which works perfectly with storage where cabinet doors can be coloured, shelving units can be sourced in colours beyond the usual white and black and filing cabinets can be customised.

Other interiors trends include filling your office with greenery and biophilic designs, which is where storage with nice wood finishes or with green doors or drawers to match the biophilic theme work well.


Gone are the days when one size fits all when it comes to office storage. Almost everything from mobile pedestals to office desks, filing cabinets and office cupboards come in slimline versions available in a range of colours and materials.

Tambour cupboards are great for space saving in the office as the door is built with a roll mechanism instead of on hinges, meaning you can open the door without using up any additional space. These cupboards can easily be used as room dividers or in tighter spaces.


More modern office buildings are being designed with movement and flexible space in mind. Formal meeting rooms are giving way to more flexible, multi-functional spaces that can be used for well-being and activity-based functions. This could include open spaces for lunchtime yoga sessions or basement areas being given over to bike storage and office exercise equipment. Multi-functional spaces need flexible furniture solutions, which is where mobile caddy storage styles can work well, making it easy to flip the room from meeting space to eating place.


Office furniture reflects the workplace as the interior design directly impacts how office staff interact with each other. Done well, it can make for happier, healthier and more engaged employees.

There are as many types of storage as there are things to store, and the Fenn 1875 design team will choose the right combination for you. From free-standing cupboards to bespoke storage that’s practical, affordable and looks great, we’ll help you make the best use of your space.

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