With all the opposing conversations around the place of an office in our lives, one thing is for certain: the way we use the space needs to adapt for the future. 

Since the pandemic forced everyone to work from home, society’s break from the office caused us to collectively question the purpose of the space. The migration back for some companies in 2021 showcased the issues most of us had around the sanitisation of shared, open plan spaces. There’s also the increase of people wanting to stay working from home and save on the commute. 

Overcoming the barriers to bring people back effectively and create a space fit for the future workforce is a huge focus for businesses going forward. Here are the key themes to consider when upgrading your space.


Creating sustainable and energy efficient places to work is a social issue businesses are starting to consider: from decreasing your carbon footprint to decreasing your physical premises for a hybrid workforce. With our space planning services, we’re able to design an office with efficiency in mind and can maximize the potential of the space you have. We also have a range of suppliers with green credentials that can supply eco-friendly office furniture and other business supplies.

Hybrid Working 

Large open-plan spaces crammed with rows of desks aren’t needed in many future office places. With the rise of hybrid working, many people aren’t confined to the cubicle anymore and are able to work from home, a coffee shop down the road or in a communal space at the office. 

Creating a workplace that allows people the freedom they need to get the job done is a tall ask. Ensuring your employees have a correct home set up and adequate equipment is one half of the equation. The other is creating an office that they want to come to and equips them with the space to work collaboratively. 


The increasing use of technology has had an effect on the workplace for decades now but as we come into the digital age, we’re seeing the beginning of a massive shift. Fixed desktops and computers are on the out with more tablet and laptop based roles. The rise of paperless offices are also helping to create more space as filing needs aren’t as high. Space can be used much more efficiently and creatively now. 

Office as a community hub

The biggest shift in our collective attitude is the purpose of the office. With the rise of employee mental health issues and increased isolation due to constantly working from home - many businesses are investing in creating a destination space to lure the best talent in! 

People like structure and there’s countless arguments that working collaboratively in the office helps the younger generations transition from education to life as a working adult. The workplace creates a space where people can congregate and interact - which in our increasingly digital world is a welcome change. 


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