Coming back to the office is a controversial topic, no matter who you ask. Some people can’t wait to return and have really missed the human interaction element of being all together in the same space. For others, the thought of returning sparks a feeling of dread and anxiety. 

When thinking about transitioning your team back to the office, it’s important to make everyone feel comfortable. From a well-designed space to having the right equipment in place, it will take a lot of preparation. Clear communication and a sense of positivity will create the excitement needed to get your team to willingly come back to the office. 

After transitioning the Fenn’s team to be back in the office, we’ve put together some of our top tips to help you make the transition too. 

Think about how your office space is designed

Is your office space designed in a way that reflects the changing needs of workers? Space is more important than ever, so cramming desks in a room with no ventilation won't create that confidence needed to get the team on board. 

With the rise of flexible working, take this time to think about how your space really works for your business. Do people need designated desks or can you split the space into remote working pods for when people choose to come into the office? 

Lots of focus is on creating communal areas for people to come together. Meetings and team strategy sessions have been digital for so long. Use this as an opportunity to design an office space that is comfortable and enhances collaboration in person. 

Use your branding to create a sense of community 

After over 18 months of isolating and limited human contact, society has realised the importance of community. We’ve seen online communities thrive and the brands that have performed the best during the pandemic have been community driven across their digital platforms. But now we have a new opportunity to turn your physical space into a hub and create a community out of your team. 

Physical touch points with both print and branded supplies have helped to create a sense of togetherness throughout the pandemic. However now we’re able to come back to the office, it’s time to next level your branding through signage and branded furniture in your office. Taking the digital experience and translating across into your physical space will be a great welcome to any new starters or clients experiencing your brand in person for the first time and also a great welcome back for the team. 

Do you have the right supplies?

Cleanliness and safety is still top of mind for most people who are going back to the office so ensuring you have plenty of stock is essential. With most businesses taking a gradual approach to moving back throughout the summer, don’t get caught out by not placing your order until the last minute. 

Flexible working is new to a lot of organisations. So, thinking about the supplies your team will need to work remotely and in the office is essential to enhance productivity. And if they’re carrying around their equipment it needs to be designed for that on the move lifestyle.

Thinking proactively about the type of organisation you want to become will help you and your team to feel in control of the transition to the new normal. It could just be the chance you need to overhaul your old way of thinking and embark on a new era to help future proof your business for this new world.

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