Every employer has a duty to protect their workforce. In some industries this means providing them with the right equipment and PPE to do their role effectively and safely. From workwear to furniture to digital equipment, everything needs to be compliant and fit for purpose.

Employers have to comply with their industry specific regulations by assessing the potential risks and taking actions to mitigate those risks. Here are some of the main areas you’ll need to consider when purchasing equipment for your business. 


Office Furniture 

All office furniture should be safe to use, well designed, made to a high standard and suitable for the job. Desks that are both sit and stand are not legal requirements but are gaining popularity now to help keep employees mobile and prevent issues later down the line. 

The standard of seating and desk chairs are hugely important. Ensuring your staff have a chair that is compliant with health and safety regulations should be top of mind. Compliant chairs need to be adjustable in height in order to meet the requirements of users at different body styles. 


Workwear and PPE

Depending on the industry or role, workwear is one of the most variable pieces of equipment for safety standards. It’s important to keep up to date with what the regulations are in your specific sector to ensure you remain compliant. Using our workwear portal you’re able to see what employees have received which uniform and if it is compliant with industry standards. It also keeps a record for you to prove that you have provided your staff with the correct uniform. 



Since the pandemic, return to office anxiety has peaked with some workers not wanting to go back to how things were in large open plan communal spaces. Stocking up on janitorial supplies and cleaning more regularly will help people to feel safe. Screens and hand sanitizer also add confidence to let your workforce know that you’ve considered all safety measures. 


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