Having the right shoes is important - especially when you’re working on your feet all day. One quick Google of ‘the best workwear boots’ will bring up a range of options. While wildly popular, it doesn’t mean the boots are right for you and the role you’re in. 


If you’re an employer and you’re looking to bulk buy boots or choose from a specific range for your team - then we can help you match the best footwear to the task at hand. However, if you’re an individual or have an employee with very specific needs or ailments - our team of experts can also suggest boots and shoes that offer the support they need. 


Here’s everything you need to consider:


Are there any legal PPE requirements specific to your role or industry?

As employers this is the first thing you need to check before buying footwear for work. Some roles or industries will have legal requirements in the PPE and uniform needed to keep you safe on site. Shoes will also come with different safety classifications so it’s on you as an employer to ensure any footwear you purchase and provide meets that criteria. Speak to our team about audit trails too so you can keep account that you have provided the correct classification to each employee. 


Are there any additional features that you’d like to enhance comfort or safety?

While safety classifications are important, taking the time to think about what additional support your employees will need in the role can have a massive impact on wellness. If they’re working outside, in the UK it’s important to think about waterproofing and anti slip soles. If they’re working in a warehouse and racking up the miles - try switching to composite shoes instead of steel toe capped to take weight out of their boots. 


Are there any individual requirements you need for a team member struggling with something specific?

Did you know that there are workwear boots and shoes out there for pretty much every ailment you can think of? If you have an employee who is starting to struggle with arthritis then talk to us and we can point you in the direction of specialised ranges that can help. There’s even materials out there that can help with energy levels throughout the day - with more cushioning or lightness. 


Female specific ranges

With women starting to be more prevalent across industries like construction and STEM - they need shoes and boots to keep them safe and comfortable too. Instead of ‘pink washing’ traditionally male designs - we partner with suppliers who have ranges specifically designed for the support women need. 

Do you have values that are important to your purchasing decisions?

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important so if you’re looking for work shoes and boots with green credentials, our team can source these for you too. Our team also helps current customers with workwear recycling so once your boots and shoes reach end of life we can dispose of them correctly too.


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