Cleaning has become something of a social media frenzy with the rise of Mrs Hinch and ASMR videos. But before the glamourization, cleaning wasn’t exactly engaging: seen only as a necessity and treated as such. We chose a product, often based on cost or preferred brand and then cracked on with the clean as we’ve always done - even in our professional environments. 

With increasingly stringent health and safety regulations, the covid epidemic and an increasing awareness around the chemicals in products we’re using - the way we clean our spaces has changed drastically over the past few years. Standards have got higher, systems have got slicker but budgets have got tighter… 

So with this in mind, here are our top tips on how to clean a commercial building.

Create a cleaning system

Having a system to follow ensures that your space has a level of cleanliness that is easily maintained. The standard process means that no matter who is cleaning your space, the results will always be the same. It also means that your product consumption should remain consistent too - which can be monitored with regular reporting to ensure there are no anomalies. A huge benefit of this is always having the correct level of product in place so you don’t find yourself running out of toilet paper at a crucial time! 

Not all tasks need doing every day

You won’t need to do a deep clean every single day. Knowing what tasks need doing and when will help you to streamline your system - saving you time and costs on both products and cleaning fees. Make a note of what needs doing daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly - and note that higher usage areas will need cleaning more frequently. Bonus: a clean desk policy will make your cleaners life much easier as they won’t have to clean around clutter.

Look for sustainable alternatives

Innovation in the janitorial space has skyrocketed recently with some genius products and clever reporting suites. Not only do these cut down consumption of products and chemicals, they also save on costs to replace the products at end of life: some items now have renewable batteries so you don’t need to replace the entire unit. By increasing the lifespan of your janitorial products and looking into concentrates, you can make your everyday cleaning more sustainable and cost effective too. 


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