There’s so much debate around the office and its place in our working lives at the moment. With some people not wanting to commit to going back 5 days a week, others who want to steer clear altogether and then the camp who are firmly pro-office - it’s all up in the air. 


One thing is for certain though, offices aren’t going anywhere so by creating a great space you’ll certainly tempt your team to reconsider their WFH allegiance. 


Flexible working spaces 


More people are adopting hybrid working so catering to this is a must. Workplaces are set to become centres for communication and collaboration, creating that community people have so badly missed during lockdown. 


Desks which offer flexible working mean less clutter, more clean spaces and agility as the space doesn’t belong to anyone. Having space for solo working like pods as well meeting and gathering areas are all the rage too. 


Home-like office 


Nothing says transitioning easily like recreating the homely feel at work... Natural lighting, cosy textures and materials can create a sense of calm. We’ve all gone through alot of change in the past two years so having some creature comforts at work might make a difference in your team’s wellbeing. More so, it may even help with the transition of return to work. 


Lots of places are investing in an abundance of indoor plants to help with oxygen in the office. It also gives off a natural vibe and has a soothing effect for employees. For those who love candles and aromatherapy, smells to stimulate good feelings at work are now becoming popular. Perhaps it’s time to add a signature scent to your brand assets.


New office designs 


Quirky designs and making an office space a desirable place to come is set to be the deal clincher for employers wanting to tempt staff back to the office. Creating a destination place for your team and clients exudes a sense of excitement and anticipation to come back. 


Offices should be an extension of your brand, reflecting what the brand is about and creating the feelings your brand should evoke. As well as brandifying your space, digitalisation and smart offices are becoming more prevalent. It makes for fewer contact points and increases the safety of employees.


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