With uncertain COVID measures and more stringent restrictions set to come in, PPE is about to be back in high demand. However, the increase in demand is coming at a tough time for the industry. 

With supply chain issues and a shortage of PPE in general, getting a hold of pieces for when you need them is a logistical nightmare. Through the first lockdown, we were able to keep our clients going and deliver PPE during the toughest of times. Through this we learnt that proper planning will be key to keeping you going. 


Be precise - don’t panic buy

Calculating how much equipment, both PPE and Janitorial products, you need for a certain period of time is crucial to ensuring that there is enough to go around. Our team of account managers can help you do the maths to ensure that you have enough supplies for your team. 

While we currently have ample stock in our warehouse, it’s dependent upon managing our relationships well with suppliers. We were able to keep our clients supplied with PPE because of the strong relationships we’ve built with our suppliers. 


Order regularly 

Keeping your regular order helps us to manage your account and set expectations with our suppliers for how much PPE we require. We align our order system with our suppliers to ensure that anything we need is automatically processed and delivered to our warehouse without delay.

While the amount of PPE you consume may go up, letting us know early and keeping the order at your regular time as far as possible will allow us to manage stock levels. This ensures there is enough to go around and no crunch points in our supply chain. 


Manage your stock levels

Knowing what equipment you have at any given moment and how long it will last you will save you from ever running out. While we can get most deliveries out the next day - you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you don’t have the equipment needed to do the job. 

The best way to do this is to appoint a person or team to manage it and create a way to track the amount of PPE or janitorial supplies you are using. Then setting a baseline of stock you do not want to go below and when you plan to order again.


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