Exam season is soon to be upon us and after the disruption caused by the pandemic to education - it’s a daunting time. With most schools now back in the classroom without too much disruption from COVID, a somewhat normal exam set up is set to happen. 

With competing needs for a slim budget - your exam equipment can often get overlooked! However, with so much disturbance to the education system over the past two years, investing in new, high quality equipment makes more than just financial sense. It’s psychological too. 

Here’s what you need to bear in mind for the upcoming season…



With some exam sessions lasting up to three hours and potentially having multiple sittings a day - you need to ensure students have a comfortable set up to complete their tests in. While full on ergonomic desk chairs may not be practical for exam situations, ensuring the chairs have a backrest that offers support to both the upper and lower back and desks are at a suitable height for writing on when seated.



Exams are already quite taxing on our nervous system and can be a great cause of stress for many students. A comfortable desk and chair in a well ventilated room helps to calm the nerves. It also gets rid of unnecessary discomfort caused by old hard-wood chairs with splinters in the seat, creaky chair legs and wobbly desks!



Ideally you want your investment to last years and live through the ever changing demands of the education system. Hard wearing materials will suit best as they can withstand the moving about that comes with seasonal use. Hundreds of students will use the equipment over the years so investing in good quality now can save you money in the future. 



A huge consideration is storage and portability. In many schools, space is at a premium so exams are held in the assembly hall, sports halls, libraries and in some cases dining rooms. Foldable desks and chairs make it easier to store away and you can buy trolleys to transport, stack and secure your equipment. 


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