When you hear the term branding - we often think of the tangibles like logos, colours and straplines. While these are all important parts of building your brand, there is a lot more to a brand than its appearance. Instead focusing more on the perception of your brand, its values and the emotions you want to invoke in your target audience will stand you in better stead. 

Appearance and visual identity can change but the fundamental essence of your brand, its values and purpose, should not shift. So therefore the experience your brand creates should be consistent with the promise your messaging creates - and also consistent each time a person engages with your brand. 

How do I achieve brand consistency? 

Firstly, knowing and communicating your brand values and purpose to your internal team is a great place to start. Once they are onboard with the organisation’s goals and standards, you can then start to communicate this with your target audience. A set of clear brand guidelines will help anyone creating marketing materials for your brand - ensuring they stay on message and within the visual identity of the brand. 

What if I’m having a rebrand?

The visual identity of your brand can change over the years. Having a brand refresh or changing the look of your brand isn’t a small undertaking - but realistically it’s important to stay with the times and can be a great way to signify shifts in brand strategy or new goals. Being strategic in your approach to the rebrand is crucial. Communicating to your internal team, current customers and target audience is important to the success of your brand’s continuation. Clear and simple messaging is the best way forward and as long as the new branded elements reflect the essence of your brand then it is likely to go down well. 

What are the benefits of having a consistent brand?

Like with anything worth having, it usually takes consistent effort to achieve - and a strong brand is no different. Here’s some of the benefits you can reap after consistent brand effort…

  1. An easily recognizable brand
  2. Your audience trusts your brand more
  3. Your audience feels connected to and more engaged in your brand
  4. You can shape customer perception 


How can Fenns help?

We work with you to align your brand and business goals, and then create a marketing strategy to help you grow your brand and increase your revenue. 


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