We’ve already had a spot of good weather this year and it’s fast approaching summer. While the sun can brighten up our moods, the heat is often unbearable - hindering productivity and causing discomfort while we’re trying to work. We’re not all lucky enough to work in a place that has air conditioning or have the ability to choose our own work clothes. 

If you’re purchasing uniforms for your employees or wider team, taking into consideration all weather conditions is important. You don’t want to find yourself ill-equipped for the summer months and have your team struggle to function - especially if they’re working outside or in hot environments. Here are our top tips for ensuring comfort and safety in the sun…


Layers are important

The British weather is unpredictable. So, the only way around it is to plan for every and any eventuality. This means layers. Giving your team enough scope in the uniform selection by providing them with layers ensures they are well prepared. Here are the essentials…

  • Lightweight and breathable t-shirt or polo shirt - choice of short or long sleeve
  • Choice of shorts or trousers or skirt
  • Cardigan or jumper
  • Zip fleece
  • Waterproof jacket 


Breathable materials

The materials that your clothes are made of are important for overall comfort levels. Knowing what materials you can change and which ones are fixed due to health and safety requirements are important. If you’re able to, choose lightweight fabrics instead of heavier cotton polo shirts in summer. Not only will the breathable materials keep your team feeling cooler, sweat patches aren’t as noticeable and they dry quicker when washed.


Ensure ample uniform allowance

If your team is working outside in the heat all day, the uniform is likely to absorb sweat and need washing more frequently. To discourage rewearing dirty uniforms, give your team enough uniform allowance so they’re able to wash and dry their clothes in time for the next shift. If they’re working five days a week and need fresh uniforms every day, two tops is simply not enough. Three allows for much more flexibility in the washing schedule. 



Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of good accessories. Hats are a great way to keep people safe from the sun and increase visibility too. Sunglasses help with protecting the eyes from the sun’s glare. Branded water bottles are handy for keeping your team hydrated with cool water. Good education around sun cream is important too. 


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