Fenn 1875 have been awarded for the 3rd consecutive year the status of ‘Qualified’ supplier by Achilles, the prestigious international supplier vetting company for procurement professionals. Our accreditations, qualifications, insurances and financial independence, policies and procedures are rigorously vetted by Achilles so customers can have the confidence when they choose to trade with Fenns1875 they are dealing with an ethical and reputable organisation.

The product categories covered within the scope of Fenns1875 vetting are:

2.3.3 Controlled waste recycling services

3.1.3 Office furniture

3.1.4 Office supplies

3.2.1 Waterproof clothing

3.2.2 Work wear and corporate clothing

3.2.3 Footwear

3.4.1 Corporate gifts

3.4.2 Promotional items

7.3.2 Personal protective equipment (PPE)

7.3.3 Protective clothing

7.3.4 Safety and protective footwear

7.3.6 Signage

7.3.7 Disposable and non-disposable gloves

11.2.1 Kitchen appliances

If you would like to review JG Fenn (Fenn 1875) accreditations or please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.