From April of this year Fenn 1875 have been committed to starting a journey to review our plastic packaging materials. One example is the way we have worked with our main hi vis supplier. Where we have made arrangements to reduce our packaging for hi vis vests (waist coats). Previously every vest came in its own plastic bag. Now we have 100 waistcoats supplied in one large bag and box. Saving the following based on 2018 customer supply of 58,224 hi vis vests:-

  • Saving: 58,224 plastic bags or 5,544 sqm of plastic sheeting. That’s equivalent to ¾ size of the Wembley stadium in one year
  • Saving: 2.75 kilometres of white nylon box strapping
  • Saving: 776 Black Plastic Bin Liners for large production waste bins
  • Saving: 58,224 sheets of A5 paper or 29,112 A4 sheets (instruction sheets)
  • Saving: 17% of cardboard box manufacturing

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