Fenn 1875 have just begun a very exciting pilot recycling scheme for customers Plastic Drink & Milk Bottles from their places of work. Like our customers we are trying to raise awareness amongst our client base and stakeholders of the need to reduce plastic and our impact on the environment.

The novel approach we have adopted is by supplying a cardboard bottle collection box in the shape of a tree with recycled plastic desk top accessories appearing to be hanging in the boughs of the tree. Customers are asked to rinse out their drink and milk bottles, separate the caps to help with the recycling process and pop the bottles and their caps in their recycling tree bins. Customers then contact Fenn 1875 when the bin is full and ready for collection.

This scheme helps to compliment the new range of office desk top products made from recycled water bottles from the French Drinks manufacturer ‘Danone’.

If you would like further details, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.