Our specialist workplace furniture division, recently completed an impressive office fit-out project for DJH Mitten Clarke. The case study below showcases how we helped DJH Mitten Clarke relocate to a brand-new office space, enhancing their team's productivity, collaboration, and overall work experience.

 DJH Mitten Clarke Manchester Office Grand Opening

The brief

DJH Mitten Clarke's Manchester team is looking to future proof for further incredible growth - leading to this remarkable £200,000 office refurbishment project. Their new office, located on the sixth floor of the iconic St George's House on Peter Street, offers breathtaking views of Manchester and a fresh, modern environment designed to foster collaboration.

This move comes as a result of DJH Mitten Clarke's two years of solid growth in the North West, following a successful acquisition. The relocation has created ample space to accommodate future growth ambitions, with over 40+ desks.

Scott Heath, CEO of DJH Mitten Clarke, emphasised the importance of the work environment, stating, "The environment our team works in is extremely important. Historically, as a Group, we've always prioritised investing in the space and technology of our offices, with this commitment growing significantly since the onset of Covid. The design of our Manchester office must follow the same principles as our other locations: providing a bright and contemporary break-away space for lunch, team socials, and client events."


The Challenge

A few years ago, DJH Mitten Clarke invested in a stunning fit-out for their Staffordshire HQ - and they had a specific budget in mind to bring the Manchester office into the brand. To their dismay, since the HQ renovation, price increases meant that the cost estimates provided by other contractors exceeded their budget by more than double. 

That's when DJH Mitten Clarke contacted Fenns, to see if we could help with our expertise in office fit-outs and budget optimisation. Confident in our abilities to deliver exceptional results within the specified budget, Fenns took on the challenge.


Our Process

Recognising the importance of maintaining the desired aesthetic and finishes while finding cost-effective solutions - our team embarked on a series of factory visits, thoroughly exploring the capabilities of UK manufacturers, to find the best way to proceed.

Through our meticulous sourcing and strategic partnerships, Fenns managed to fulfil DJH Mitten Clarke's requirements on time and within budget. Remarkably, we achieved this while significantly reducing costs without compromising on quality or style.

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The Results

How did we achieve such remarkable results? It all comes down to our extensive knowledge of the supply chain and our ability to seamlessly piece together the puzzle. By leveraging our expertise, we navigated the market, forging strong relationships with reliable UK manufacturers who offered competitive pricing without compromising quality.

The meeting pods featuring glass windows and doors, essential for fostering collaboration and privacy within the office space, were sourced at a remarkable 50% lower cost compared to the initial estimates. Similarly, the office desking, a critical component for employee productivity and comfort, was procured at an impressive 40% lower cost while maintaining the desired finish.

Despite the cost savings, the quality of the products remained uncompromised. In fact, the manufacturer of these office solutions offered a warranty of 10 years, demonstrating their confidence in the longevity and durability of their offerings.



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What does DJH Mitten Clarke say?

Sue Redmond, Executive Director of the Manchester team, expressed her satisfaction with the welcoming environment we created, stating, "We now have a truly inviting space for everyone who walks through the door. We've already received tremendously positive feedback from clients, and we're immensely proud to have developed a space that meets the expectations of a city centre office."

The impact of the new office space on DJH Mitten Clarke's team has been profound. Sue elaborated, "We've taken into account every aspect necessary for our team to perform at their best. We have various spaces designed for private conversations, uninterrupted meetings, and social catch-ups in our spacious break-out area. As we embrace a hybrid working approach, it's crucial that we can come together in a fantastic environment to deliver exceptional service and experiences for our clients. It's also a source of pride to witness our vision for the new office come to life, with our break-out space aptly named 'The Hive' as a tribute to Manchester's iconic bee."

Looking for a fit-out? 

At Fenns, our mission is to transform office spaces while maximising value for our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver exceptional results, on brand and within your ideal budget. Through careful sourcing, strategic partnerships, and meticulous attention to detail, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life, creating inspiring work environments that drive productivity and collaboration.

Contact Fenns today, and let us showcase our unrivalled ability to optimise your office fit-out project, turning your vision into a reality while ensuring cost-efficiency and uncompromised quality throughout the process.

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