Balance has always been a difficult goal to achieve in our working lives. The pandemic forced us to shift to a more fluid way of working, which you’d think would enable us to finally achieve the balance we want. But we couldn’t be further from the perfect work/life ratio. With tighter budgets, increased workloads, working from home and flexible hours cutting into our down time - the way we work has changed drastically. 

While businesses are implementing ‘progressive policies’ like work from anywhere at any time and unlimited holidays - they don’t offer functional support to help solve the problems employees face. It’s easy to offer flexibility as a perk but educating employees about the benefits of balance and providing them with the tools to achieve it is key.

Here are the best ways to practically help your team achieve a good work life balance…


Get organised 

People feel better and more comfortable if there is a perception of control over their working day. Instead of giving your team instructions on when and where to complete their daily tasks, give them autonomy. Useful products to help with organisation and productivity are:

  • Paper diaries 
  • Desk calendars
  • To do lists
  • Storage solutions: lockers, cupboards, drawers, filing cabinets
  • Desk tidy
  • Additional monitor


Create a good working environment 

Your environment is important to your well-being - both at work and at home. Now we’re coming out of the pandemic, we’re starting to have more clarity on where we will be working and what our set-ups look like. 

If you’re in the office, the following products will help…

  • Acoustic soundboards to break up too much noise in your space
  • Ergonomic chairs and desk set up
  • Air purifiers to keep air circulation fresh and clean
  • Cable organisers and storage solutions to keep your space clutter free
  • Lockers to store your work belongings so you don’t always have to take them home

If you’re at home then the following solutions will help…

  • A separate area that is designated for work or at least a box or drawer where you can store your work at the end of the day
  • If space allows, an ergonomic desk and chair set up
  • Desk lamp to help with optic health and working in the evening
  • Speakers for listening to music 
  • Artwork or personal items to help it become a space you enjoy 


Digital Screen Equipment (DSE) set-ups

No matter where you work from, having a DSE assessment on your workstation is a must to ensure you are looking after your health. The correct equipment ensures in the long run you have better standards of health to enjoy your daily activities. 

Aches and pains from poor working set-ups not only impact you at work but in your personal life too. Here are some solutions for creating a good work set up…

  • Have an assessment done by a professional to ensure your space is set up correctly
  • Look for chairs that support you ergonomically and are suitable for 8 hour usage
  • Wrist supports for when you’re typing or using your mouse
  • Have a sit/stand desk or a sit/stand desk converter 
  • Monitor stands to ensure your screen is at eye height

Look after your health 

Health is the first pillar when it comes to building a strong foundation to enjoy life. Staying healthy in a desk job is no small task as it often comes towards the bottom of our to do lists. Encouraging your team to look after themselves and providing them with the right equipment to carry out their tasks is essential for long term health. Here’s how you can help…

  • Correct workwear and PPE for the role
  • Water bottles and hot drinks containers - we can even brand them for you
  • Encourage your team to take breaks 
  • Exercise and get fresh air 
  • Eat well and regularly throughout the day and stay hydrated 

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